Security in industry and commerce


Still many challenges ahead

Even though German entrepreneurs are extremely innovative when it comes to research and development, they tend to be rather negligent when it comes to protecting their ideas. Underestimating the dangers originating from market competitors and foreign intelligence services can quickly give rise to existential threats. The same holds true for an exaggerated risk appetite, e.g. if confidential business strategies become publicly known, or if large investments in product development are lost because a competitor launches the product first. These risks must be avoided.

Protecting the label “Made in Germany”

We are the German Association for Security in Industry and Commerce. An active contribution to security is our mission. We are an active partner in the political legislative process. We serve as a communication link to the media and as a hinge between security agencies and the economy.

As federal association we maintain a continuous cooperation with all relevant federal intelligence and police authorities as well as with other security agencies. We aim to establish and maintain communication channels for important information between authorities and companies. Because early access to information means lasting security.


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Our Competence: Protecting what needs to be protected

Nothing is ever 100% secure. But a lot can be done to maximise security. We address all threats that companies are subjected to: Corporate crime. Espionage. Cyber Crime. Extremism. Terrorism. Our services are geared to all corporate protection levels: Protecting know-how and employees. Securing assets and value chains.

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